Caltex Havoline 4T Now Even Better With New Formula

Issue 15, 2020

What can be better for motorcycle engines than Caltex’s Havoline 4T Motorcycle Engine Oils? The answer to that is the new and improved Havoline formula, which has recently hit the shelves.

With the upgrade to C.O.R.E.+ Technology – Caltex’s most advanced and best-performing formulation – and API standards that are now similar across all Havoline products, there will be an overall improvement in product performance.

Chevron has been working to improve the formulation for Caltex Havoline 4T Motorcycle Engine Oils since they were first launched in 2017, and now in conjunction with the launch of the enhanced product, Havoline has rolled out a new promotion!

Starting from 1 November 2020, customers will receive a free microfibre towel with every purchase of Havoline Super 4T Semi Synthetic 10W-40 and Havoline SuperMatic 4T Semi Synthetic 10W-40, whilst stocks last.

Chevron has shared the Point Of Sales Materials (POSM) and fact sheets to all distributors: each retail station should receive A3 posters, wobblers and stickers to help promote the new Havoline product. The launch of the product and the current promotion will also be advertised to end-users via the Caltex Facebook page and official website.