Recognising Excellence In Customer Service

Issue 15, 2020

Great customer service is one of the main pillars of success in any industry, and businesses strive to do what it takes to keep their customers happy.

Caltex recently concluded the Customer First Mystery Shopper Programme for Period 3, 2020, which aimed to measure the quality of customer service provided by the retail network. Stations received a Customer First (CF) score based on this exercise, which is one of five key metrics for Caltex’s Retail Incentive Programme in 2020.

We are pleased to announce that 137 stations achieved a perfect CF score of 100%. CONGRATULATIONS! You are an inspiration to the rest of the network and have certainly set the benchmark for customer service, which everyone should strive to emulate. Here is the list of stations with this outstanding achievement.

No Location Name State
1 ABN Berkat Sdn Bhd Perlis
2 Adri Emas Sdn Bhd Kelantan
3 Ample Value Sdn Bhd Johor
4 ANZ Star Sdn Bhd Selangor
5 Arjand Enterprise Johor
6 Arzek Service Station Melaka
7 Asmah Ketereh Caltex Oil Kelantan
8 Awban Chin Hin Service Station Sdn Bhd Perak
9 Azali Resources Sdn Bhd Selangor
10 Azza Petro Johor
11 Banang Service Station Sdn Bhd Johor
12 Batu Empat Service Station Johor
13 Bee Guan Service Station Johor
14 Berjaya Service Station Perak
15 Bersatu Ku Corporation Sdn Bhd Perlis
16 BIL Enterprise Sdn Bhd Pahang
17 Boon Cheong Trading Sdn Bhd Perak
18 Bukit Balah Filling Station Sdn Bhd Kelantan
19 Bumi Emas Indah Sdn Bhd Kelantan
20 CAA Service Station Perak
21 Caltex (Muar) Sdn Bhd Johor
22 Caltex Malim Jaya Service Station Melaka
23 CF Service Station Sdn Bhd Perak
24 Changkat Lada Service Station Sdn Bhd Perak
25 Corak Merdu Sdn Bhd Johor
26 Dien Pang Sdn Bhd Perlis
27 E Mart Solution Johor
28 Enau Asia Sdn Bhd Perak
29 Eng Soon Service Station N. Sembilan
30 Everlasting Service Station Johor
31 Forward Petroleum Sdn Bhd Selangor
32 Fossron Sdn Bhd Kuala Lumpur
33 FS Megah Gemilang Enterprise Selangor
34 Gammastar Service N. Sembilan
35 Gemudi Sdn Bhd Perak
36 Green Nature Concept Sdn Bhd N. Sembilan
37 H.A.A Bunga Raya Enterprise Terengganu
38 HAA Unggul Enterprise Terengganu
39 Halim Trading Sdn Bhd Kedah
40 Hang Thye Service Station Sdn Bhd N. Sembilan
41 Hedges Calnergy Sdn Bhd Kuala Lumpur
42 Hikmat Service Station Kelantan
43 Hock Hin Kedah
44 Hockco Services Station Perak
45 Hong Brothers Service Station Melaka
46 Hoon Kheng Service Station Sdn Bhd Perak
47 HT Hiap Thye Sdn Bhd Johor
48 Idris Hj Adam (Perlis) Sdn Bhd Perlis
49 Ismail Petrol Station Johor
50 Jerai Anggun Enterprise Sdn Bhd Kedah
51 Jin Kee Bros Sdn Bhd (Service Station Tangkak) Johor
52 Jinmax Realty Sdn Bhd Perak
53 JS Service Station Johor
54 Kasturia Sdn Bhd Kedah
55 Kee Fatt Service Station Sdn Bhd Johor
56 Kelipan Mekar Petroleum Services Sdn Bhd Perak
57 Khoo Boon Chon Perak
58 Kian Lee & Sons Sdn Bhd N. Sembilan
59 Kota Setar Land Sdn Bhd Kedah
60 Kuang Service Station Sdn Bhd Selangor
61 Kwan Yik Service Station N. Sembilan
62 Laloh Service Station Kelantan
63 Lau Seak Sdn Bhd Johor
64 Lean Huat & Co (S/S) Pulau Pinang
65 Lestari Kasturi Sdn Bhd N. Sembilan
66 Makisa Murni Enterprise Kedah
67 Manek Urai Petrol Station Kelantan
68 Mankon Manik Enterprise Perak
69 Mayang Mass Trading Perak
70 Megafuel Sdn Bhd Perak
71 Meranti Service Station Sdn Bhd Johor
72 Merbok Indah Sdn Bhd Kedah
73 MGM Marketing (M) Sdn Bhd Pulau Pinang
74 Million Station Sdn Bhd Pulau Pinang
75 Mutiara Service Station Sdn Bhd Kelantan
76 Muza Star Service Station Johor
77 Nikmat Jitu Sdn Bhd Pahang
78 Nur WM Maju Supply & Services Pahang
79 On Hing Fuel Station (Siputeh) Sdn Bhd Perak
80 On Hing Fuel Station Sdn Bhd Perak
81 Othomats (M) Holdings Sdn Bhd - Panji Kelantan
82 Othomats Holding (M) Sdn Bhd Kelantan
83 Othomats Petrol Servis Station Kelantan
84 Pagoh Syabas Sdn Bhd Johor
85 Parit Service Station Sdn Bhd Perak
86 PBJ Trading N. Sembilan
87 Pembangunan S.K. Meru Sdn Bhd Perak
88 Perniagaan Maju Perlis
89 Petrobena Ventures Pulau Pinang
90 Pusat Servis Caltex Pahang
91 Rahang Petroleum Sdn Bhd N. Sembilan
92 Rahmat Aktif Trading Johor
93 Rainbow Service Station Kelantan
94 Region Anchor Sdn Bhd Perak
95 Remen Trading (B.S) Sdn Bhd Pulau Pinang
96 Remlee Bin Chik Kedah
97 Ria Azimat Sdn Bhd Johor
98 Ristiqa PD Service N. Sembilan
99 Rosdani Sdn Bhd Perak
100 SA Service Station Terengganu
101 See Lea Cheong (S/S) Melaka
102 Segmen Juta Sdn Bhd Selangor
103 Semangat Jadi Service Station Johor
104 Serom Seni Sdn Bhd Johor
105 SH Lee Enterprise Selangor
106 Shoda Niaga Sdn Bhd Kedah
107 Sin Chuan Huat Selangor
108 South Lake Enterprise (USJ) Selangor
109 Sri Bakti Gemilang Sdn Bhd Selangor
110 Sri Damansara Services Station Selangor
111 Sri Rimbunan G.G.M Sdn Bhd Kelantan
112 Stesen Minyak Sinar Cemerlang Johor
113 Stesen Minyak Weng Hing Sdn Bhd Perak
114 Stesen Servis Jasa Anugerah Johor
115 Stesen Servis Jasa Jaya Johor
116 Stesyen Minyak Mergong Utama Kedah
117 Stesyen Minyak Musim Sdn Bhd Kuala Lumpur
118 Sumber Tenang Sdn Bhd Johor
119 Sun Hup Petroleum (Elite) Sdn Bhd Selangor
120 Sungai Salleh Gasoline Kedah
121 Swee Hup Sdn Bhd Selangor
122 Syarikat Anda (S/S) Pulau Pinang
123 Syarikat Harez Service Station Terengganu
124 Syarikat Perniagaan Bersama Kelantan
125 Syarikat Swee Lee Trading Sdn Bhd Pahang
126 Syarikat Usahawan Palong N. Sembilan
127 Tapis Star Pahang
128 Teluk Air Tawar Service Station Pulau Pinang
129 Teoh Chin Hin Sdn Bhd Kedah
130 Tuwo Enterprise Service Station Johor
131 TW Petroleum Sdn Bhd Johor
132 Usaha Maju Service Station Kelantan
133 Usaha Mamor Bersatu Sdn Bhd Kedah
134 Wan Hong Service Station Sdn Bhd Kedah
135 Westgold Dynasty Sdn Bhd Johor
136 WKC Service Station Johor
137 Yih Langat Sdn Bhd Pulau Pinang

Also, congratulations to the stations that met the minimum CF score of 92% and thank you for your diligence in maintaining this excellent standard of service for the Caltex network. The following is a list of all 155 stations in this category.

No Location Name State
1A&A SetiakawanJohor
2AA&T Business Resources Sdn BhdKedah
3AG Service Station Sdn BhdMelaka
4Alfapen Sdn BhdSelangor
5Allied Majestic Icon Sdn BhdJohor
6Allstar Networks Sdn BhdPerak
7Ambang Muda Sdn BhdSelangor
8Auto Integrasi Sdn BhdKedah
9Autotos Trading Sdn BhdPulau Pinang
10Ayer Tawar Service Station Sdn BhdPerak
11Bandar Baru Tanah Merah Sdn BhdKedah
12BF PetroJohor
13Bintang Ceria TradingPerak
14Che Yam & Family (M) Sdn BhdKelantan
15Chip Nguan Chan Enterprise Sdn BhdSelangor
16Chop Tian Aik (K/P)Perak
17Chuan SengKedah
18Classic Energy Sdn BhdSelangor
19Denai Petroleum Sdn BhdSelangor
20Dina Ceria EnterpriseTerengganu
21Dwi Murni Sdn BhdPerak
22Eden Fountain Sdn BhdPerak
23Estewell Sdn BhdPulau Pinang
24Gandingan Istimewa Sdn BhdKedah
25Gemerlapan Damai EnterpriseKedah
26G-Energy Trading Sdn BhdJohor
27Guan Chong Industries Sdn BhdJohor
28Guar Lobak GasolineKedah
29Haisma EnterprisePulau Pinang
30Hartamas Muhibbah Sdn BhdPahang
31Haza Sinar EnterpriseKedah
32Hikmah Jutawan Sdn BhdPahang
33Hikmat Cempaka Service StationSelangor
34Himpunan Jitu Sdn BhdSelangor
35HJM Mawar EnterpriseKedah
36Hong Aik Service Station Sdn BhdPulau Pinang
37Hong Yun Station Sdn BhdJohor
38Hou Wah Company Filling StationPulau Pinang
39Hoy Thong Sdn BhdKedah
40Impian Bin'J Sdn BhdPulau Pinang
41Inamira Resources Sdn BhdSelangor
42Innovat Sdn BhdJohor
43Ironside Enterprise Sdn BhdPerak
44Jaya Bakti Service StationTerengganu
45Jaya Goldz Star EnterpriseJohor
46Jiran Ikhlas Sdn BhdPulau Pinang
47Juaramas Sakti Sdn BhdPerak
48K.T. Seng Sdn BhdKedah
49Kia Huat Service StationKedah
50Koperasi Pegawai-Pegawai Kerajaan Negeri Kedah BerhadKedah
51Kristal Mewah EnterpriseTerengganu
52Legenda Heights Petrol Station Sdn BhdKedah
53Leng Huat Service Station Sdn BhdJohor
54Lenggong Service Station Sdn BhdPerak
55Liannex Corporation Sdn Bhd - Pasir GudangJohor
56Liannex Corporation Sdn Bhd -Tmn DayaJohor
57Mafaz Service StationTerengganu
58Mahdevi's Filling StationPerak
59Mapati EnterprisePulau Pinang
60Mason Enterprise Sdn BhdKedah
61Mosat Management Services Sdn BhdSelangor
62MRN Maju TradingKelantan
63Muliajaya Bukit Gantang Service StationPerak
64Muliajaya Service StationPulau Pinang
65Mutual Boundary Sdn BhdPerak
66Nagahua Corporation Sdn BhdPahang
67New Public Service Station Sdn BhdPerak
68NHH Insan Service Station Sdn BhdKedah
69Northern Four (M) Sdn BhdKedah
70NYC Service StationPulau Pinang
71Paramount Service Station Sdn BhdSelangor
72Pasir Mas Holdings Sdn BhdSelangor
73Pavalayee Sdn BhdJohor
74PB Pertama Sdn BhdPerlis
75Pen Cempaka Sdn BhdKedah
76Pen Sutera Services Sdn BhdPulau Pinang
77Pentastar Corporation Sdn BhdJohor
78Perniagaan Nikmat DamaiKedah
79Pertubuhan Peladang Kawasan MerapohPahang
80Pimpinan Setiamas Sdn BhdSelangor
81PK Al-Falah Trade Sdn BhdKelantan
82Poh Seng Service Station Sdn BhdPulau Pinang
83Pondok Chegar EnterpriseKedah
84Popular Niches Sdn Bhd (Feri)Pahang
85Popular Niches Sdn Bhd (Jengka)Pahang
86PPP Utama EnterpriseKedah
87Prai Service Station Sdn BhdPulau Pinang
88Premium Shares Sdn BhdPahang
89Pulizan Bin AwingTerengganu
90Puncak Ultra Sdn BhdJohor
91R A Services (Bukit Katil) Sdn BhdMelaka
92RA Utara Guar Cempedak Sdn BhdKedah
93RB Pelangi TechJohor
94Renyi Trading Sdn BhdKedah
95Rian Ventures Sdn BhdTerengganu
96Rosmah Mini StationSelangor
97Sandung Emas (M) Sdn BhdJohor
98Seah Jin Kee (Air Hitam) Sdn BhdJohor
99Seah Jin Kee (Mersing) Sdn BhdJohor
100Seri Ahaza Group (M) Sdn BhdKelantan
101Seri Ampang Petro Sdn BhdSelangor
102Seri Mutiara Service StationSelangor
103Seri Pauh Service Station Sdn BhdPulau Pinang
104Setesen Servis MercutandaTerengganu
105Siwa Brothers Sdn BhdJohor
106SK Setia EnterpriseSelangor
107SK Setia Maju TradingSelangor
108Soren Service Station Sdn BhdPulau Pinang
109SP Bahagia Sdn BhdKedah
110Sri Astana Petroleum Sdn BhdKelantan
111Sri Melor Mutiara TradingKelantan
112Stellent Service Station Sdn BhdPerak
113Stesen Limau Terengganu (S/S)Terengganu
114Stesen Minyak Ajil Sdn BhdTerengganu
115Stesen Minyak BeraPahang
116Stesen Minyak Bintang Cheng Sdn BhdMelaka
117Stesen Minyak Huaphing Sdn BhdPerak
118Stesen Minyak Kim YewPahang
119Stesen Minyak Mayang PermaiPulau Pinang
120Stesen Minyak S.K. Sdn BhdPahang
121Stesen Minyak TaqwaJohor
122Stesen Minyak TawakalJohor
123Stesen Servis E&C Sdn BhdKuala Lumpur
124Stesyen Minyak Hujung PadangPerak
125Stesyen Minyak Sinar JayaJohor
126Stesyen Minyak Usaha MajumewahPerak
127Superstar Station Sdn BhdPerak
128Suria Sungguh Sdn BhdPerak
129Surplus Paragon Sdn BhdPerak
130Swee Hong Service StationPerak
131Syarikat Wan Awang Nik Sdn BhdTerengganu
132Syarikat YaminKedah
133Syntec Plus (M) Sdn BhdKelantan
134Syntec TradingKelantan
135SZW EnterpriseKedah
136Tai Kong Marketing Sdn BhdPahang
137Tay Brothers & CoMelaka
138Teik Sang Service Station Sdn BhdPulau Pinang
139Teratai Syabas Sdn BhdJohor
140Teratunas Sdn BhdKedah
141Triumph San Ventures Sdn BhdKedah
142TTK Haulage Sdn BhdJohor
143UMH Venture Sdn BhdPerak
144Ummu Ali EnterpriseKedah
145Uniqtacs Sdn BhdJohor
146Usaha Jaya Kawanan EnterpriseKedah
147Vanity Way Sdn BhdSelangor
148Viva Jutamas Sdn BhdJohor
149VW Johor Sdn BhdJohor
150Wajar Cerah Sdn BhdJohor
151Wan Der Horse Sdn BhdJohor
152Wibawa Kukuh Sdn BhdSelangor
153Yong Peng Transport Service StationJohor
154Yun Sinar Bahagia EnterprisePerlis
155Zakaria Bin MuradKedah

Chevron Malaysia Limited congratulates these stations for their commitment and hard work in delivering consistent customer service excellence to the customers.

The CF score for Period 4, 2020 will be counted as part of the total score for the incentive programme, where hitting the target will comprise 8% of the overall score. Let’s all strive to deliver the best service to our customers and be in the running for the incentive in Period 4!