Chevron Malaysia maintains safety first for station personnel and customers

Issue 13, 2020

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to have a serious impact on people’s health and livelihoods, Chevron Malaysia is working hard to assist in the response to the virus. We have implemented COVID-19 response programs at our stations and have ensured that all retail partners and service station personnel adhere to the Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) set by the Ministry of Health throughout the duration of the Movement Control Order (MCO).

Our SOP requirements at all Caltex stations include:

  1. Mandatory wearing of face masks at all times by station personnel.
  2. Daily monitoring and recording of all personnel’s body temperature.
  3. Making hand sanitizers available at all key areas of the station.
  4. Implementing regular cleaning and disinfecting of common touchpoint areas at the station.
  5. Ensuring that social distancing markers are in place for customers, to establish a 1-2 meters distance between one person to another.
  6. Putting up safety-first posters at appropriate locations within the station to educate customers of our safety-first approach.

As part of the new normal, all station personnel are required to adhere to safety and hygiene practices beyond the MCO period. This includes continued wearing of face masks, frequent washing of hands, sanitizing of high touch point surfaces at the station, in addition to maintaining a 1-2 meters physical distance from a personnel or customer.

The following images are part of Chevron Malaysia’s safety campaign to advocate the use of face masks for all station personnel and safeguard measures to ensure the safety of our station personnel and customers.

Below is an example of how to put on and take off a face mask:

The benefits of wearing a face mask:

Safeguard measures that have been implemented to complement the wearing of face masks.

At Chevron Malaysia, we prioritize the safety of our station personnel and customers above all else. This is even more important now with the on-going pandemic. Thank you, retail partners, for playing an integral role to ensure that our communities are safe and protected.