Caltex Lubricant introduces Pocket Guide and Street Borne Campaign

Issue 13, 2020

Caltex Lubricants Pocket Guide

Coming to your station soon! The Lubricants Pocket Guide has just been released and is going to be a great help for the retail forecourt staff to refer to when answering customers’ queries on the different types of lubricants sold at the Caltex stations.

Within this guide, we have the product names, benefits and unique selling point of the products, as well as type of car and mileage recommendations for each product. The guide is in Bahasa Malaysia and the information is presented in layman's terms so that it is easy for everyone to understand.

Chevron Malaysia will be distributing the pocket guides via the Distributors’ Sales Person (DSP) during their visit to each Caltex station and training on how to use the chart will be conducted after the movement control order (MCO) is lifted.

Caltex Havoline Street Borne 2020

The Caltex Havoline Street Borne 2020 Promotion is the latest promotion pack for end-users. Each bottle of lubricant comes with a free Havoline Street Borne premium, packed in an attractive promo box together with the product.

Whilst the exact campaign period is yet to be confirmed, the campaign is expected to run from July 2020 pending updates on the easing of the Movement Control Order (MCO) by the government. Look out for more updates from Chevron Malaysia and your Distributors’ Sales Person (DSP).

Stock Clearance

As we await the upcoming lubricants promotion, Caltex Lubricants are clearing the previous promotional packs and giving incentives to station staff to earn extra cash too.

Each old promotional pack is to be sold with a 20% discount off the recommended selling price (RSP), and retailers can claim the cost of the discount from their distributors. To further help retailers clear their stock, Chevron will give an incentive to cashiers and retail staff for each old promotional pack sold. For each pack of 4L and Techron product sold, cashiers and retail staff will get RM10, and for each pack of 1L sold, cashiers and retail staff will get RM5.

The table below shows the list of products offered for this stock clearance:-

* Transformer pack need to be sold off-pack due to end of licensing right

The stock clearance period is from 6 April 2020 till 31 May 2020, or whenever all the old stock is cleared. For more information, please refer to your Distributors’ Sales Person (DSP).