Message from Chevron Malaysia's Leadership Team

Issue 13, 2020

Dear Retail Partners,

We are currently living and operating our business in unprecedented times. Even so, amidst the uncertainties, Chevron Malaysia is truly appreciative as it continues to receive full support from you and your station staff members to bring our products to our valued customers despite the challenging market conditions.

You, our retail partners, together with your staff members, are truly our heroes. Thank you for observing the guidelines instituted by the relevant authorities and for keeping your business running safely. I am indeed very encouraged and impressed with the vigor demonstrated by our station crew and yourselves in carrying out the respective duties and selflessly serving our valued customers while keeping everyone safe.

As you are well aware, in additional to providing financial relief and credit assistance, we have also initiated the provision of face masks and hand sanitizers for use at the service station. Chevron Malaysia will continue to render our assistance during this difficult period and also to find more ways to support your business; we hope our response thus far has given you some relief and has lessened the adverse impact brought about by the pandemic.

We would like to urge that you continue to carry out infection control and prevention procedures diligently as these measures have been proven effective to reduce the risk of infection and at the same time, keep you and your team safe.

As you would have noticed, heeding to the clarion of Conditional Movement Control Order (CMCO) announced by the honorable Prime Minister on 1st May 2020, there has been an increase in social and economic activities. Nevertheless, COVID-19 has yet to come to an end. Moving forward, we must adapt to the ‘new normal’ as it is expected that the virus will continue to pose risks of infection until such a time when a vaccine is developed and tested effective. What is happening under the CMCO is a slight relaxation of rules for the viability of businesses. Thus, please continue to wear face masks and practice good hygiene and social distancing as these are effective safeguards to keep you safe.

Amidst the uncertainty that looms before us, I remain positive that we will weather this storm and continue our efforts to uphold the Caltex brand and to serve our customers well. This is, indeed, an unprecedented crisis, but we will come out stronger!

Finally, I wish all of you well. Continue to stay healthy and safe.

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri to our Muslim retail partners and their families.

Thank you!


Jeff Tan Meng Yih
Deputy General Manager